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Before yousign in please carefullyread this rules.

To take part in the program, your age must be at least 18 years and be legal for your country.

Profitable Capital Limited is open only for the eligible members and not for the general public. Company site also available to members only or somebody, who got a personal invitation. All deposits are considered as Profitable Capital Limited and its Member private transaction.

Because of private nature, this kind of transactions as well as the whole program fully exempt from such acts asInvestment Company Act (1940), Securities Act (1933), Securities Exchange Act (1934) and other amendments, rules, and regulations. We dont have FDIC insurance. We are also not a security firm or any licensed bank.

You agree that You agree about all future materials and information, which is received directly or indirectly from Profitable Capital Limited, must bekeptprivate, and not be disclosed under any of circumstances. All communication and information cant be viewed as any kind of offer or investmentssolicitation. This will be regarded as unlawful if its concerning an unauthorized person. All information received by Profitable Capital Limited members must be used only on the private ground, and cant be unveiled to third parties. For any occurred information lost, Profitable Capital Limited is not liable what so ever.

You also agree not to hold liable for any possible losses all our members or principals. You fully understand, that all your investing done at own risk, and past performance does not guarantee the same results in the future.

You agree about all possibleinformation and materialson this site received by you can be regarded only for educational or informational matter and not represent any kind of investment advice.

Profitable Capital Limited reserve its right to change or cancel whole or any part of this rules as well as program rates in ant time at short and discretion with no notice, where is applicable. This will be done with full integrity and security respect to the interests of all our members. You also agree that current terms review is your full responsibility.

We do not take any responsibility for any kind of losses, damages or any cost occurred from the conditions and termsviolation because Profitable Capital Limited site using. You also guarantee that Profitable Capital Limited website will be not used for any illegal purposes and all national, local or international laws will be complied with.

You agree not to post at Gold Rating Site or Public Forums bad information before consult FIRSTprogramadministration. Sometimes with the transaction can be just a technical problem and our administrators always ready to help you.

Profitable Capital Limited does not tolerate in their program any UCE or Spam and all of the members who violates our rules take the risk to be immediately discharged from our program.

We leave our own rightswithout any explanation to accept a new member or decline his membership.

In case, if these conditions do not suit you, please dont start your membership application.

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